September 26, 2012

signs for zac + anna!!

oh my. they're something out of a magazine or pinterest. that floral headpiece?? i need one!!

i was so excited when zac + anna asked me to make mr. + mrs. signs for their wedding day. she had seen the wood signs i made for tyler + becky, + wanted something similar but with her own twist... she wanted hers to say "i'm his mrs." + his to say "i'm her mr." they already had a bunch of wood signs for other wedding elements, so she gave me a couple to paint on!

thanks guys... so happy to be apart of your dreamy wedding celebration!!

[beautiful photos by kelli trontel]


September 24, 2012

rough sketch: izzi ray

happy monday! today's artist is one of my faves... she has an incredible voice + a talent for writing her own songs... + she's only 16!! my husband produced izzi's record last year + it's been on heavy rotation in our abode ever since! [check it out on itunes here]

oh + she's the daughter of crystal lewis, who was featured here a couple weeks ago! crazy talented family, right?! i'm determined to get the rest of the family members on here too.....

izzi ray has quickly become one of my closest + funniest friends + i'm so happy to have her today!!

q. // when did you start singing + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] i've been singing for as long as i can remember, and always being at my mom's concerts and hearing her sing around the house i've always known i want to follow in her footsteps!

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] i usually find inspiration for my songs from the Bible or a rainy gloomy day. it can come from any little change in emotion sometimes!

q. // when you're not on stage or writing songs, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] drink amazing lattes, eat incredible food, ride horses, cuddle with my cat Norman, watch movies and hang out with my family!

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for ... iced mochas, sushi, horses, cats, puns, and pride and prejudice.


i hope this inspires you today!!

September 22, 2012

thank you's for one of my faves

i looooved designing sara lucero's logo a few months back... we just have this artistic chemistry that is so unique + so awesome, she's seriously one of my faves! needless to say, i was thrilled at the chance to design for her again - thank you cards for her clients!

of course, i wanted them to go with her branding, so i drew/painted some pretty flowers in a circle around the 'thank you'. i won't give away what's inside, since that's reserved for her sweet clients. :)

thank you sara for letting me design your thank you's! :)

[instagram photo by sara lucero... i loved it so much that i had to use it!]


September 17, 2012

rough sketch: gospel swamp coffee

monday already!! how does the weekend always manage to go by so fast?? well, good thing we always have coffee + artists to pick us up....

i'm so excited about today's artist, he's one of my favorite people. chad is one of those guys that is good at everything, even coffee roasting... oh, + he's currently building a coffee shop on super cool wheels. yeah, i know, awesome. can't wait for chad [aka gospel swamp] to tour the northwest. :)

q. // when did you start building your coffee shop + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] my interest in coffee took off about 5 years ago. it started with a frustration among friends that there wasn't a place in orange county, ca, that we enjoyed going for coffee. after throwing around ideas, i decided to do something about it. i took more of an interest in what was being done with coffee in other parts of the country, and things that i wanted to emulate. i decided to make a mobile shop because i could take my time to design it, fabricating everything myself, and make it capable enough to be on par with any other shop's coffee program; albeit in a smaller footprint. and i can park my shop next to a mountain or an ocean.

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] i take a lot of design inspiration from the long list of fashion, vintage, auto, and motorcycle blogs i follow. i have friends who are great artists, making everything from furniture to high fashion, and i look to them a lot. i think i get my inspiration to make things from other people's creative energy.

q. // when you're not working on the shop, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] i love going to the movies; i'll spend hours watching trailers of upcoming releases. and i love riding my motorcycle. i like doing things that make you focus for a few minutes.

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for... disneyland, rye whiskey, and beyonce. she's the ultimate.

[photos of chad by gipe photography + photos of trailer by chad]


September 13, 2012

the little mustard seed co.

i think the most difficult thing about designing something for someone is that you have to wait to share it. :) like all of my projects, i was so excited to share this logo for my dear friend's new company - the little mustard seed co.

lisa is a super creative mom with a penchant for growing people's businesses, hence the mustard plant theme... so cute!

she wanted something organic + structured, + after we chatted about different ideas + designs, this is what was created! she even had me draw design elements for the site!!

i loved working with lisa + if you're in need of some business help + growth, you will love working with her too!!


September 10, 2012

rough sketch: crystal lewis

yes, THE crystal lewis.

my husband has been playing bass for crystal for several years now, but it wasn't until last year when she invited us up to montana, that we pretty much became inseparable friends. most of the time i forget that she's that pillar in christian music [because she is just that down to earth]... until i see fan comments on her instagram or hear her belt out any given song in the comfort of her kitchen. [yep she sings in her free time too!]

i am so beyond blessed to count her as one of my closest friends, + i'm so glad she took the time to participate in this series... + i'm so glad i could feature her during her birthday week!! love you c. lew! :)

q. // when did you start singing + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] i started singing at the tender age of 5. my mother, prompted by my apparent penchant for singing at home, pushed me up on to the stage at a talent competition and i haven't come down since. of course, i made my own choice to stay there by the time i was in my teens, as i had begun recording by that time. that was 28 years ago.

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] musically i continue to be inspired by michael jackson, aretha franklin, and ella fitzgerald! music was so much more organic and real back then. the talent was not manufactured or synthesized. it was raw. it was authentic. not to say i don't get inspired by new music too... as well as the beauty of nature and the truth of the WORD. i try to remain open and alert to inspiration coming from all different directions.

q. // when you're not on stage, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] my favorite thing to do when i'm not on stage is to be on the back of a horse, preferably with my daughter riding beside me. or, at the table sharing a meal with my friends and family.

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for.... horses, home, hymns.

photos taken by izzi ray

[p.s. i blogged about her logo here :)]

happy monday!

September 7, 2012

latest obsession: emerald

i know we're all freaking out over geometric patterns + gold glitter, but i feel like that's everywhere at the moment -- don't get me wrong, i love those triangles + shiny gold accessories!
whenever something becomes super popular, i start looking to other things for inspiration, things that aren't being raved about. it's a fun hunt for me... + lately i can't seem to get emerald off my mind. i think it started when i found a vintage, emerald tahari blazer earlier this year.

emerald is a complex color to me, almost a double edged sword.... a little far in one direction + it might look leprechauny, but i think when it's paired with the right textures + tones, it's absolutely stunning!

happy friday everyone!! enjoy your weekend!

September 5, 2012

lotr party for the husband!

i thought i would share the lotr surprise party i threw for my sweet husband back in july. [lotr stands for lord of the rings if you didn't know] we absolutely love that movie - yes, we're huge nerds.... i think we watch the trilogy once a year... it's amazing!

during that annual lotr viewing, the husband always talks about how much he loves bilbo's birthday bash.... so i decided to throw a similar one for him, complete with fireworks!!

i sent out a digital invite + used those same rich watercolors throughout the party decor.

since i wanted to keep the cost down, i just bought a few yards of the cheapest fabric + cut them into thin strips + tied them to strands of lights. so simple but added a lot to the party! i also wanted to make a banner like bilbo's so i grabbed plain muslin + blue ink + tied it to the light strand with ribbons. again, so simple!!

i had the movie playing in one corner of the room + the official soundtrack blasting the entire time.

for a snack, i mixed almonds, peanuts, + chocolate chips... oh, + mini chocolate chips- fit for a hobbit... + named it the 'trail to mordor mix'.

we greeted him with sparklers outside + shot off huge fireworks at the end of the night... i think gandalf would have been proud. ;)


September 3, 2012

rough sketch: leah eash

happy labor day!!

today i'm featuring one of my dearest friends + favorite artists, leah eash, an amazing fashion illustrator [oh, + she used to be a model!!]. i met leah last year but i feel like i've known her forever... i've even dubbed her my soul twin!! ha. i know you'll love her + her work just as much as i do. :)

q. // when did you start illustrating + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] illustrating came about for me at a very, very young age. both of my parents are artists so thus the world of art happens to be a very natural aspect of life. i spent countless hours in the studio watching, drawing, and learning... and those are some of my favorite, most treasured memories!!

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] i'm greatly inspired by other artists and photographers, beautiful fashion, old movies, and big cities. because i live in the mountains of montana, i do have to do a lot of my research online and in the stacks of magazines, books, and tear sheets that i've collected over the years. it isn't too hard to be inspired though i find, i don't know if that's because i'm a visual person or not, or because i just love all things beautiful!

q. // when you're not painting pretty things, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] spending time with my handsome husband and cute, baby boy! i treasure our time together more than almost anything else!! they both give me great joy. and i am so thankful to God for blessing me with them both.

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for... Paris, my Bible, art supplies.


September 1, 2012

september desktop!

wow, september came awfully fast!! feels like kelli + i just collaborated on the august desktop... + yet, here we are with your september desktop + iphone wallpaper!!

september always carries a feeling of opportunity for me... it must be all those times i started a new school year. i remember having my brand new wardrobe all picked out, my new school supplies packed neatly in a bag, + crisp new books waiting to be read. summer would inevitably come to an end, but i always looked forward to the new challenges + friends i would meet in september...

i absolutely love this month's photo + quote... it's such a good reminder for me to seize that open door, that opportunity, instead of dwelling on the closed one...
hoping it inspires you this month!!

[psst. remember to click on the images first, then save as desktop :)]