September 3, 2012

rough sketch: leah eash

happy labor day!!

today i'm featuring one of my dearest friends + favorite artists, leah eash, an amazing fashion illustrator [oh, + she used to be a model!!]. i met leah last year but i feel like i've known her forever... i've even dubbed her my soul twin!! ha. i know you'll love her + her work just as much as i do. :)

q. // when did you start illustrating + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] illustrating came about for me at a very, very young age. both of my parents are artists so thus the world of art happens to be a very natural aspect of life. i spent countless hours in the studio watching, drawing, and learning... and those are some of my favorite, most treasured memories!!

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] i'm greatly inspired by other artists and photographers, beautiful fashion, old movies, and big cities. because i live in the mountains of montana, i do have to do a lot of my research online and in the stacks of magazines, books, and tear sheets that i've collected over the years. it isn't too hard to be inspired though i find, i don't know if that's because i'm a visual person or not, or because i just love all things beautiful!

q. // when you're not painting pretty things, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] spending time with my handsome husband and cute, baby boy! i treasure our time together more than almost anything else!! they both give me great joy. and i am so thankful to God for blessing me with them both.

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for... Paris, my Bible, art supplies.


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