October 21, 2014

logo for melissa johnston photography!

i really like working in lots of different mediums... i like to switch between gouache, watercolor, ink, acrylic, pencil, and charcoal... i think it prevents me from getting bored with one look, and exercises my brain to switch between how each medium works. each one is so different, requiring a different touch and method for creating light and shadows. for instance, the mountain range on melissa's logo was created by painting a strong line first, rinsing my brush from all color, then taking my water-filled brush to the line and washing it downward. i love the way watercolor works, it's so soft and free...

...and that was perfect fit for melissa johnston's logo! she wanted her logo to be romantic without being too girly, and with the help of her desired color palette, watercolor always has a way of looking romantic. like all logos, i couldn't have created this look without her inspiration! branding is always a collaboration for me, and i absolutely loved working with melissa! also... her work is gorgeous and oh-so-lovely... take a little walk through her gallery here! you won't be disappointed. :)

so much thanks to melissa, she was such a dream to work with!!

hope you're all having a lovely morning... and do something you love today. whether that's painting, snapping photos, taking long walks, or just sitting at a cafe sipping your latte... savor it. :)


October 16, 2014

little christmas things in the works!

christmas has always been my favorite time of year... and now that we have white christmases, it's just more magical than ever! so of course, even at the start of fall, i'm already dreaming about wrapping gifts...

more to come! hope you enjoy what's coming to the shop!! yay!

hope you're all having a lovely week so far!

October 11, 2014

etsy banner for kylie rae!

i always love getting work with friends as they launch new endeavors and chase their dreams. kylie rae is an incredible baker who i had the opportunity to create a logo for.... and now she's launched a new etsy shop with her art pieces! so excited for this new branch of her artistic talent.