July 19, 2020

beloved, you are enough

right as quarantine was beginning in march, I was wrapping up my first children's book, DAVEY, and gosh, what a mix of big emotions. (I'm obviously very rusty at the blogging thing, seeing as it's been three months since I've released my book and only now blogging about it. ha!) 
I'm very excited to put this work out into the world, because I think it's a message that everyone can connect to - not just kids, but adults too. inside each of us, there's a kid who longs to feel special and seen and heard, to feel validated and valued. I'm a firm believer that no matter how many years we've been on this earth, we never outgrow the need for the reassurance that we are, in fact, enough. I hope and pray this book touches the heart of whoever holds and reads it.

to go along with the book, I painted an image for our phones, based on the color scheme and feel of the story. I'm also selling a very similar 5x7 print in my shop if you'd like a daily reminder in your home. :)

and for the next week, anyone who purchases DAVEY will also receive a kids' bookmark for free! 

thanks for all the love and support so many of you have already shown! 

sending big hugs to all of you!