October 9, 2015

fall wallpaper // he establishes peace

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. 
Lord, You will establish peace for us, for You have also done all our works in us."
isaiah 26:3, 12

just like God's unconditional love and grace, His peace is not something that we have to work our way up to... we don't have to walk with God a certain amount of years, or read the bible a certain amount of times, or do enough good works to receive peace. it's not something that's earned, it's given - and not only is it given, it's established for us... i looked up that word to get a better grasp on what's being said here -

1. to institute [as a law] permanently by enactment
2. to make firm or stable
3. to introduce and cause to grow and multiply

praise hands for days!

peace grows and multiplies as we fix our minds on Him! i love that imagery... peace isn't something that's there for the taking one minute and gone the next - it's there permanently growing and expanding in His presence... all we need to do is abide in Him!

there are a few unknowns in my life right now... and it would be easy to fall back on all those old familiar feelings of worry + anxiety [and believe me, the struggle is real!], but these verses have popped up so many times in the last couple weeks and i just feel like the Spirit is reminding me of Who's in control even when circumstances seem completely out of control. it doesn't say "try to make sense of everything and then you'll have peace!" nope. it's "hey! things don't make sense, and that's ok! just keep your mind on Him because HE has it all figured out so, here - take some peace, there's plenty to go around!"

again, praise hands for days.

so, i thought i would make these wallpapers to remind myself of that truth - because Lord knows i need the reminder often!! i hope this meets you where you're at too... whatever the situation may be, peace awaits you in His presence.

love you friends! happy october!

p.s. can i just hold my baby already?! indie is wayyyy too cozy in my belly apparently, and my patience is reaching its limits! haha! come on little girl, we can't wait to snuggle you!