August 30, 2012

garlic-themed goodies on a subtle revelry!

i've been so anxious to post about this piece + i'm so excited to finally share it! i was so pleasantly surprised when i got an email from victoria [of a subtle revelry] telling me about her vision for a garlic-themed dinner party... yum!!

illustrated garlic looks whimsical to me... i love it!

since the paper elements were going to be downloadable [yep! you can download them for your own garlic fest!] i wanted them to be simple + versatile so that anyone can use them with any color scheme + print them without worrying about running out of their precious colored ink - is it just me, or are those things annoyingly expensive?!

oh, + so happy to illustrate the title photo too... loved working with a subtle revelry, check it out for more amazing festive ideas!

[the lovely photos were taken by a subtle revelry]


August 27, 2012

rough sketch: gipe photography

for awhile now, i've been wanting to start a weekly column that highlights other artists... + today is the day it begins! yay!

as most of you know, a rough sketch is usually done quickly without too much attention to detail, just enough to outline the subject + it's characteristics. so i thought that would be a perfect way to describe this new series -- i'm only asking the artist a handful of questions so you can get an idea of who they are + what they do... just a quick, fun, + hopefully inspiring read. :)

i've got some awesome, diverse artists lined up + i'm super excited to introduce my first artist team - tyler + lindsay of gipe photography! i've known tyler since i was 12 + have really enjoyed seeing his love + gift of photography grow into a business with his lovely, talented wife lindsay. there's so much i could write about this duo, but i'll let you read about them in their own words. :)

q. // when did you start photography + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] tyler got into photography when he was 17. taking pictures came naturally to him and was something he loved to do and couldn't help but do wherever he went. he knew it was something he would invest in his whole life. he stayed later than he had to in high school just to take a photo class, then made it his major in college. the extent of my photography background has been learning from the best/learning from my best friend. tyler's gift is his artwork through photos, and mine is to back him up in every way. we have built our business together and consider it one of the many ways God has made us a fruitful team.

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] some artwork forms are completely made up, or completely up to the artist to create from scratch. something we love about photography is getting to take what's real, or whatever's around you, and making it beautiful, and making it last. whether it's a wedding or a wide open field, good light and good love make for great shots.

q. // when you're not shooting things, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] things we've done together from the start and things we'll do till we're old and gray: bike rides, surf sessions, big sur and tennessee trips, seinfeld eps, sweet treats, singing/playing music... our daughter penny will be joining us soon, so that's our latest dream come true.

fill in the blank:
i have a penchant for the south, especially at Christmastime, and steel guitar.

click here to see more of the gipe's work.


August 21, 2012

we go to + fro

i met denise bovee several years ago through our musician-buddy husbands... + i have loved her work ever since! recently, i've really been admiring her beautiful [instagrammed] quest to seek a simpler life focused on family time + adventures.

when denise told me she was going to be starting a blog about these adventures [isn't the name adorable?!] i probably did a little happy dance... because i couldn't wait to read it!! it's instantly my favorite blog [you'll see why once you check it out] + i'm so thrilled that she gave me the opportunity to design her logo!

thanks so much denise [+ family] for letting me do this!! it was so much fun to draw with you guys in mind... happy travels!! :)


August 17, 2012

sights + sounds

it's been awhile since i've actually gone to the theaters to see a movie, but the husband + i usually put one on at the end of a long day... + it's usually one that we've seen a dozen times already.

last week, we put in the aviator, + while it's not necessarily my favorite movie, i love how visually striking it is -- i love how the movie starts off with cool, blue tones for howard hughes' growing popularity in the 20's then moves to warm, red tones when he's sadly being overtaken by his psychological terrors. i admire his drive to see his visions become realities but it's also a good reminder to not get caught up in just that. 

i've been on the hunt for some new music + gotye's new album is just the thing i needed!! it's so fresh + interesting, + will bring you out of any musical rut you may be in. :)

happy friday! 

August 16, 2012

vintage whites market!!

when my husband + i came up to montana last year, all of my friends kept talking about this "vintage whites market", which was their own version of a flea... only much cuter!! it's put on by a couple of super cute, creative girls, that pitch their tents 3 times during the summer + once just before the christmas season; oh yes, i went to all of them!!

so you can imagine how excited i was when they asked me to design their new logo!! i can't say enough how much i loved working with them... seriously the most amazing experience!! thanks vintage whites for the awesome opportunity, + can't wait to see you guys [+ shop :)] in a couple weeks!!!

check out their new blog + come on out if you're in the area!!


August 15, 2012

garlic party sneak peek!

eeek! i just had a mini freak out moment! i was pinning away to gather some inspiration for an upcoming project + all of a sudden i see this photo on pinterest!! such a cool feeling to see your work pinned in the midst of so many inspiring images... i'm so thankful + humbled to get to do what i do!!

i designed these several weeks ago for victoria over at a subtle revelry, + i love how she paired it with a bag of farm fresh garlic. mmm i could smell it!! [cue mouth watering]

so excited to see what they cook up for the dinner party!!


vintage/romantic logo for belinda love!!

ah! this logo just makes me feel all warm + fuzzy! this very talented photographer, belinda, came to me weeks ago with a love for all things vintage + romantic, which she wanted her new look to convey... can you tell?! :)

after a couple of different ideas, the thought of drawing lace intrigued me + intimidated me, but i knew it was the perfect thing for this sweet girl. i didn't want it to look perfect, so i kept it a little rough looking, keeping it young + fresh. :)

belinda - thanks so much for letting me be apart of your new look!! it's been so much fun getting to know you + working with you!!


butterfly sparks!!

i met vanessa, of butterfly sparks, over email back when i designed her + kelli's blog logo + elements, + have been in creative communication since!! she's an amazing shoot stylist + is mom to two of the most adorable kids i've ever seen!! [remember that print for stella love?! yep, this is her momma!]

vanessa wanted a clean, calligraphic looking logo - so i kept it simple with black ink + paint, with a pop of coral red. LOVE!! feel free to browse her site + be inspired!

thanks again vanessa for being amazing!!! i've loved working with you + absolutely love your work!!


August 10, 2012

mr. + mrs. signs

oh my goodness.... how cute are they?! i absolutely love this couple + could not have been happier to contribute in a small way to their amazing wedding day.

thanks tyler + becky for letting me make those sweet signs for you... you guys are the cutest!!

of course, a big thanks to kelli trontel for taking these photos! :)


August 3, 2012

a warm watercolor logo for sweet sarah!

good gracious, i am so blessed that every client has truly become such a sweet friend. sarah emailed me after seeing another sara's logo a couple months back, + we instantly became friends! i felt like i was sitting there having tea with her, chatting about her new branding... 

she's a lover of life + the country + her warm cheeriness was felt even over email - so i had to do something that reflected that... painting a warm watercolor backdrop to her cool name. 

say hello over at her new site ... you're going to love her. :)

sarah, you know how much i adore you... love your new look!! thanks for letting me be apart of it!!! :)


August 1, 2012

august desktop + wallpaper!

can't believe it's august already!! i've been getting inundated with "fall preview" emails this entire week but i'm not quite ready to think about coats + scarves... i'm still enjoying our late-blooming summer. :)

for this month's download, kelli really captured the essence of summer warmth + adventure in the photo... don't you agree?? i had so much fun illustrating this --- it's probably my favorite theme!

[remember to click on the image first, then save as your desktop.. otherwise, it will be pixely]

... + the iphone wallpaper.... yay!!

wishing you + your tribe the best month yet!! :)