August 21, 2012

we go to + fro

i met denise bovee several years ago through our musician-buddy husbands... + i have loved her work ever since! recently, i've really been admiring her beautiful [instagrammed] quest to seek a simpler life focused on family time + adventures.

when denise told me she was going to be starting a blog about these adventures [isn't the name adorable?!] i probably did a little happy dance... because i couldn't wait to read it!! it's instantly my favorite blog [you'll see why once you check it out] + i'm so thrilled that she gave me the opportunity to design her logo!

thanks so much denise [+ family] for letting me do this!! it was so much fun to draw with you guys in mind... happy travels!! :)



  1. And I love it! It's absolutely perfect for her life. Great job bestdesignerintheuniverse.

  2. aw thanks sara, you're so kind!!!!