August 17, 2012

sights + sounds

it's been awhile since i've actually gone to the theaters to see a movie, but the husband + i usually put one on at the end of a long day... + it's usually one that we've seen a dozen times already.

last week, we put in the aviator, + while it's not necessarily my favorite movie, i love how visually striking it is -- i love how the movie starts off with cool, blue tones for howard hughes' growing popularity in the 20's then moves to warm, red tones when he's sadly being overtaken by his psychological terrors. i admire his drive to see his visions become realities but it's also a good reminder to not get caught up in just that. 

i've been on the hunt for some new music + gotye's new album is just the thing i needed!! it's so fresh + interesting, + will bring you out of any musical rut you may be in. :)

happy friday! 

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