February 26, 2014

wedding numbers + notes

it's not too often that i get to create pretty wedding pieces, so when i do, it's extra special... and i loved creating these sweet notes and table numbers for such sweet clients!

February 25, 2014

photography by seneca logo!

last year, i had the loveliest time designing these wedding invitations for a shoot that seneca asked me to be apart of... and then wouldn't you know it, she asked me to collaborate on her logo!! oh, i couldn't be happier to create something for seneca, who's such a lovely, kind, and talented person!

thank you seneca for having me play a small part of your new look... absolutely love you + your beautiful work!! :)


February 14, 2014

we spread the love

there couldn't be a more perfect project to post today, a day devoted to love! i have loved wandering and following along with mary on all her adventures, watching and learning from her... she is a true servant of love - putting others first, caring for orphans, loving and helping people in need - especially to those in uganda through her ministry called we spread the love.

i really can't take credit for this logo [but really, when can i? it's all about collaboration and God's leading!] - mary was the one with the vision of the infinity sign and adding little watercolor strokes to make it echo the ugandan flag... genius!! i just put it on paper. :)

i know we're all showering our loved ones with gifts and treats today [which is fantastic] but i wondered if you would just take a moment to check out her site and maybe even see if you feel lead to give to this incredible ministry - whether that's giving some of your time to pray, donating financially, or even serving over there in some way - to impart love to people we've never even met!

i absolutely love and admire mary for spreading so much love so selflessly... so incredibly honored to call her friend... and of course, to have created this logo for such an amazing ministry!

you can learn more about we spread the love here. :)

happy valentines everyone!

February 10, 2014

february wallpaper!

in our world of social media and instant access to anyone, it's so easy to compare ourselves to others and for comparison to feel somewhat normal --- "oh, i'm not nearly as successful as that person..." "i wish i had better hair/clothes/furniture..." "how does that person travel ALL the time?! i wish i had more money..." etc and so on. we all do that don't we? i've talked to enough people to know that i'm not alone in this temptation to compare myself to others.

comparison is the quickest way to feel defeated, discouraged, and discontent with who we are as individuals. it's so easy to be so hard on ourselves... to tell ourselves that we're not good enough or talented enough or bold enough or pretty enough..... isn't comparison such a time waster and joy stealer?!

"i will praise You, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." [psalm 139:14]

we are molded and shaped into such unique human beings - your thoughts, dreams, ambitions, features, memories, interests, talents, gifts, experiences are completely different than mine and are completely custom to you. you are wonderfully, intricately, lovingly made - you are a work of art by the Maker Himself. He spent time forming those eyes and lips and nose that we so frequently want to change.  there is no one like you. no one has the gifts and talents that you do. those are specially made and given to you.

"we love because God first loved us." [1 john 4:19]

we are only able to love and accept ourselves when we view ourselves through the lens of God's love. it is only by His love that we'll have victory over comparison and start enjoying the life [and body and house and job and gifts] He's given us!

let's embrace God's love and who we are in Him... you can love YOU because God loved you first.
love you guys so much - in all your beautiful uniqueness.


[also, thanks so much for all the support and love [and patience] on these wallpapers! kelli and i love creating them for you!!]

February 9, 2014

burress family illustration!

i've said it before, and i'll say it again... i LOVE illustrating families!! it just warms my heart to create these little pieces for sweet families with such lovely hearts! oh, and their sense of style is always fun to recreate on paper... loved the mr. burress wanted a bow tie!! :)

the husband has been bugging me to illustrate our little brood... and when i say brood, i mean us two and our beloved bunny. ha! archimedes on paper would be adorable, i really need to do it... maybe for valentines! i digress.

happy monday and happy v-day week! :)

February 8, 2014

little [printable] watercolor valentines!

with valentine's day just around the corner, i thought i would share these watercolor valentine notes with you.... just print them out, trim them, and pair them with a sweet treat or leave them strategically around the house for your sweetheart to see. :)

happy saturday! xo!

also.... between getting sick and traveling [and the fact that january is always just busy!], kelli and i weren't able to collaborate on a desktop last month, but we're hoping/planning on creating a desktop very soon!! be on the look out for that... and until then, i've included this little wallpaper i made [because i just couldn't have a christmasy wallpaper anymore! ha!!] in honor of v-day... kisses to you! :)