September 5, 2012

lotr party for the husband!

i thought i would share the lotr surprise party i threw for my sweet husband back in july. [lotr stands for lord of the rings if you didn't know] we absolutely love that movie - yes, we're huge nerds.... i think we watch the trilogy once a year... it's amazing!

during that annual lotr viewing, the husband always talks about how much he loves bilbo's birthday bash.... so i decided to throw a similar one for him, complete with fireworks!!

i sent out a digital invite + used those same rich watercolors throughout the party decor.

since i wanted to keep the cost down, i just bought a few yards of the cheapest fabric + cut them into thin strips + tied them to strands of lights. so simple but added a lot to the party! i also wanted to make a banner like bilbo's so i grabbed plain muslin + blue ink + tied it to the light strand with ribbons. again, so simple!!

i had the movie playing in one corner of the room + the official soundtrack blasting the entire time.

for a snack, i mixed almonds, peanuts, + chocolate chips... oh, + mini chocolate chips- fit for a hobbit... + named it the 'trail to mordor mix'.

we greeted him with sparklers outside + shot off huge fireworks at the end of the night... i think gandalf would have been proud. ;)


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