September 1, 2012

september desktop!

wow, september came awfully fast!! feels like kelli + i just collaborated on the august desktop... + yet, here we are with your september desktop + iphone wallpaper!!

september always carries a feeling of opportunity for me... it must be all those times i started a new school year. i remember having my brand new wardrobe all picked out, my new school supplies packed neatly in a bag, + crisp new books waiting to be read. summer would inevitably come to an end, but i always looked forward to the new challenges + friends i would meet in september...

i absolutely love this month's photo + quote... it's such a good reminder for me to seize that open door, that opportunity, instead of dwelling on the closed one...
hoping it inspires you this month!!

[psst. remember to click on the images first, then save as desktop :)]


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