April 25, 2013

family illustration + blog header for the cosa family!

you might remember the little sailor mascot i painted for the cosa's [closer to love] photography workshop... and i recently had the pleasure of illustrating their adorable growing family!! love them!!

take a little trip over to their site and look at all their beautiful work! thanks so much sammy + natalia for having me illustrate your family, what an honor!! :)


  1. Ashley!
    We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful illustration of our growing family! It is already framed and ready to be hanged up in our bedroom. Thank you! This is just the beginning of our artist relationship - you are our lifelong graphic designer!!! Thank you!

    God bless,
    Sammy Cosa

    1. yay!! so glad you like it, and so happy you're going to hang it in your home! what a special honor! thanks so much! :)