April 24, 2013

from the nest: shopping on a budget

i posted this photo on instagram this afternoon + realized that everything combined only cost me $52, yes, shoes included!! the thought sent me back to the places i found each item and the victory felt when i snatched them up.

i was never wealthy growing up, and my mom is one of the best bargain shoppers i know, so naturally i've been groomed to be a 'sale-only' kind of shopper... which has proven to be the most satisfying kind, in my opinion. :)

so, here's where i found each item + what i paid for them... shopping on a budget is not as hard as it sounds!! just be patient, browse the sale section, and take a little excursion to your nearest thrift/secondhand store... it's so worth it!! i just found a 5x7 rug for $10 at urban outfitters last week!

riding boots $25 - a local secondhand saddle shop
grey jeans $10 - forever 21
horse print tank $5 - urban outfitters [sale section]
button-up chambray $12 - target [sale section]

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