May 1, 2013

may desktop + iphone wallpaper!

spring has sprung!! i can't believe it's been a year since kelli and i began this collaborative download... and hopefully it's just the first of many to come!! every month has been so different, with such a unique vision + story behind each one, and i can honestly say that i've loved them all! this month is no exception... 

we wanted to incorporate flowers for spring + our lovely mothers' day, of course! so we roped in our sweet friend, floral designer + shop owner cara [of mum's flowers, who i recently interviewed!], to collaborate with us... aren't her floral picks just stunning?! 

the quote [from christine caine] is so encouraging to me in this season. i never like or ask for the pruning process, but God knows i need it to grow - it's the only way i'll bloom into the person that He wants me to be. after all, pruning produces much prettier things. :)

thanks so much friends for being a part of this year of collaboration! your notes and comments of encouragement + kindness have made my heart so very happy! hope you continue to enjoy these little monthly gifts, from our hearts to yours!!


[ iphone 5 wallpaper ]

[ iphone 4 wallpaper ]


  1. adorable... thanks for sharing this! will have to download right away

    Stella + Charlie

    1. thank you so much!! makes my heart happy. :)