January 18, 2013

a fresh start

a fresh start was just the thing i needed. as much as i enjoyed last year's adventures, there were lots of dark days too, and to be completely honest, by the end of 2012 i kept finding myself in what felt like a a huge pit... it was depressing!

as i've been reading through the old testament of the Bible, i've felt God lift me up and out, giving me a breath of fresh air. i'm not saying that difficult days are gone forever, but His word has been a warm, encouraging light to my soul... reading about joseph in prison, moses being chased by egyptian soldiers, joshua coming against giants... and the words God gave them over and over again - "don't be afraid, don't be dismayed. be strong, be courageous for I, the Lord, fight for you." 
i love that God loves to remind us of His promises, because i am seriously so quick to forget!

the same God that elevated joseph to a kingly status, that parted the red sea for moses, that crushed the walls built by giants, is the same God today, helping you and me! yesssss!! 

of course, since i've felt such a freshness personally/spiritually, i just needed to bring that to my logo... to remind myself to take a deep breath, enjoy the journey, and keep moving [those are little sparrow tracks up there :)]... i hope it does the same for you!! :) 



  1. How do you resist the temptation to rebrand yourself every week? If I had your talent, I'd constantly be drawing myself new logos! ;)

    1. faith! oh, i am so glad you said that!! glad there's someone that understands the temptation haha! i just get the itch every couple months, so we'll see how well this one fares. :) xo!

  2. Ashley, I just love it. The outlook. The reality. The logo. It's perfect! There was something very somber about the end of 2012... i felt it too. I was in a major funk (that's my way of sugar coating the word "depression"). I feel refreshed too! I'm changing my heart in a big way and it feels wonderful! I'm happy to see that you are experiencing the same thing! And making such a sweet logo at that! I thought those were little dandelion... um.. pedals? Idk. But I LOVE that they are sparrow feet.
    love you.

    1. thank you sara, i'm so glad you love it! so interesting that you felt that same darkness... i think it was maybe the first time i realized + admitted that i was depressed.
      seems that we are linked my sweet friend. praying you would continue to feel refreshed as the months go on. :)
      love you!! xo.