January 21, 2013

out with the old

good morning friends!

i know i haven't posted an artist in a couple weeks, but i just wanted to let you know that i'll be picking it back up next week... things have been crazy and i didn't want to leave you hanging. thanks for being patient. :)

soooo, the husband and i still haven't taken our christmas tree down.... it's always so sad to part with it, especially this year because we actually hunted for it and cut it down ourselves! well, i didn't really help with the cutting down part, but still! i did help pick it out, and i'm such a sentimental sap that throwing our hard-earned tree to the dumpster is a little sad and i avoid it for as long as possible... i won't even show you what it looks like because now it's just embarrassing... so i think today is the day.

yep, it'll be a good way to start the last full week of january... oh my, is it really the end of january?! ok, now i really need to take that tree out!

happy monday! :)

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