January 16, 2013

mid-january desktop + wallpaper!

well, as you know, kelli + i collaborate every month to give you a new desktop + iphone wallpaper... but the last couple weeks of december [when we normally brainstorm for the next month] brought unexpected events that, of course, halted our creativity...

in the midst of grief with our dear friends, my husband + i caught a horrible flu, that kept us in bed for a week straight.... as we were finally recovering, i got a text from kelli that her blog had been accidentally deleted from its server.... it was obstacle after obstacle!

when we finally got the chance to meet up about the desktop, kelli + i both wanted something reflective/calm/peaceful for this month's desktop - a reminder to slow down + savor the moment, because life is too short not to.

yes, go after your goals + climb those mountains, but don't forget to enjoy every step of the journey...
i don't know about you, but this is something that i need to be reminded of constantly.

i'm a huge fan of c.s. lewis, + love the quote we chose from him. just knowing that the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe wasn't even published until he was 52, gives a lot of weight to his encouragement... it's never too late to start fresh, to give it another try, or to begin a completely new adventure!

love you all, happy mid-january! :)

ashley :)

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  1. i know, isn't that amazing?! so glad you love it + are already inspired!! xo! :)