November 19, 2012

rough sketch: cloud parade

happy monday everyone!!

as much as i love to travel, i'm always happy to come back home. our portland trip could not have been more amazing and i'll be posting more about it this week, but first i want to share a new, up-and-coming online wedding community called cloud parade.

cloud parade has been developed by an awesome team [chatting with candice today] who recognized the need for a hip place where brides can browse products + vendors, filtering through color + style, create inspiration boards with items they can purchase directly from the site, and other cool stuff like that.... i soooo wish this was around when i was planning my wedding!! seriously, in 2006 i was filling a white binder with torn magazine pages and spent hours searching online for things i had seen on those pages but never finding them.

this genius wedding community will be officially launching in about a week, so if you're a bride-to-be hold on for just a few more days!! BUT if you're an artist - i.e. floral artist, culinary artist, maker-of-cute-things, etc. - now's the time to connect with them about opening your cloud parade shop!

q. // when did you start cloud parade + what prompted you to start?

[ a. ] The idea of Cloud Parade was born almost 2 years ago, while I was helping my sister plan a winter wedding. Wedding planning and designing seemed like a nightmare. My sister or I would find something amazing and the only way to communicate the idea was to screen capture an image. But after that, there was no guarantee that we would be able to find the image again, or even the link to purchase the exact item.
This ultimately spurred on the concept of Cloud Parade. Our team explains Cloud Parade as the first HIP online marketplace where couples can shop and design their wedding in one spot.

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a. ] Even though Cloud Parade is so new, we have a huge team of wonderful people. We have designers, a lawyer, CPA's, marketing staff, web developers, client managers, and more... but one thing we ALL have in common is the LOVE for RAD STUFF! We have really made it our main focus to keep Cloud Parade curated to only the best and hippest wedding items out there. We know that nowadays a wedding can be unique, and we want couples to find and purchase these items on Cloud Parade.
Not only that, we love that couples can be inspired on our site by using our "clouds". Clouds are a brides individual inspiration and design boards.

q. // when you're not setting up shops + inspiring brides, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a. ] our team loves coffee, our children, and art!

can't wait!!

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