November 20, 2012

board + banner!

i always get a little nervous before i start on a large scale project... looking at a huge blank banner can just be plain intimidating... but as soon as i start working on it, i fall in love. there's just something about doing something completely old school, without any use of technology, that is really magical + inspiring.

banner .....

a couple of weeks ago i painted a 5' banner for the splendid holiday vintage whites market; the banner was used as a photobooth backdrop... + i recently got word that jana [co-founder of vintage whites] is going to be hanging it in her house because she loves it so much!! makes me so happy!! [oh + those are my beautiful friends that so graciously posed for my photo :)]

board .....

just this morning i finished up the main board in the red caboose, and i really love how clean it turned out! i wanted to create something that would be super easy to read for customers, but still have a dash of whimsical prettiness.

..... p.s. thanksgiving is in 2 days!! i'm mildly freaking out... it came so fast!!! any good recipes or thanksgiving tradition goodness i should know about? :)

love to you friends!


  1. Love this!! You're our favorite. The Red Caboose board looks AMAZING! Love the arrows. I haven't started shopping for Thanksgiving yet...but I'm just doing mashed potatoes, squash casserole, sauteed brussels sprouts, turkey, and dressing. and pumpkin cheesecake and buttermilk pie, and oh man I should go to the store now. :S Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear! XOXO

    1. i love you that you said you're "just" doing all that stuff... haha you're such a domestic superhero!! love you, happy thanksgiving to you!! xo!

  2. Love those signs :) I have an awesome GF stuffing that uses sausage as opposed to breads. I can email the recipe if you would like it...

    1. ohhh yes!! would love to have that recipe!! i'm bringing GF biscuits [rosemary + almond flour] but need to bring another side dish...
      thanks so much!! xo! :)