November 12, 2012

rough sketch: skull church record

happy monday afternoon! where has the day gone?? oh, i know, i slept in with my handsome husband, cooked an incredible breakfast, and caught up on our five days apart...

husband has been on a work trip - not the suit + tie kind, but the music + outreach kind [which is actually how we met in 2005 but that's a story for another time] called skull church. instead of interviewing an artist today, i wanted to chat a little bit about the new skull church record that my husband had the opportunity to produce this last year...

i absolutely love this record and the heart behind it; it captures their love for God and desire to share God's love with everyone... and it's not your stereotypical worship album, which is pretty refreshing to me.

there are ten songs on the record that begin at creation on track one - "words", then journey through our desperate need for a Savior ["out of the dark"], then a dance euphoria ["all my heart"] when we come to know that Savior - Jesus Christ - then the inevitable struggle we face once that decision has been made ["coming back" + "someday"], and finally the awesome promise of Jesus coming back one day ["the sky rolls back"]... it's a brilliant pilgrimage through the Bible, chronologically.

they're offering a free song on their website and the full record is available on every musical platform! preview the songs on itunes, where it hit #3 on christian charts over the weekend. here's a quick video of my pastor, levi lusko, chatting about the record:


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