December 31, 2014

the year in review: work + art

it's so crazy to go back through the year's projects... to be reminded of the people i got to collaborate with and the wide range of pieces that bloomed within 12 months. it's humbling and encouraging. humbling to look back on a year's worth of work and art and blogs and know that God completely blessed me through what i considered to be the most difficult year. encouraging to know that when i felt weak, God worked His strength in me, seeing every project to completion and bringing months of hardship to some of the richest lessons i've ever learned...
P. T. L.
praise the Lord for His goodness and strength, His faithfulness and patience to teach me this year... and thank YOU, friends, for joining me in all of it. your words of encouragement have meant so much to me and i hope my little journey has somehow encouraged or inspired or pointed you to Jesus along the way.

i'm so thankful for each of you and i look forward to continuing our adventure together in 2015...  an uncharted land of endless opportunities just waiting to be discovered! yay!!

so now, let's be on our way, light some sparklers, scribble down some resolutions, clank some glasses, kiss our loved ones, and throw some confetti!
hope you all have a safe and sparkly new year's eve!


+ a glance at 2014:


 some paper goods:

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I am still very happy with the fig recipe card you made me! I wish you all the (belated ;)) best for 2015! xo