December 31, 2014

the year in review: paris

two giant highlights of 2014 were: 1) a 3 week trip to california and 2) a 10 day trip to paris.... i still can't believe i was strolling around the city of lights, sketching by the siene and eating baguettes every. single. day. someone take me back!

most people have asked us what had to be our favorite thing about paris... which monument or museum or activity really stood out... and i have to say, just being there. soaking up the romantic vibe along the river, the creative chemistry felt in museums, eating croissants and ratatouille [yes, of course we had to eat ratatouille! thanks pixar :)], sitting at cafes, drinking coffee and people watching, navigating our way through the metro stations, eating ice cream then getting lost in the vast gardens of versailles, trying desperately to sound like locals when we ordered, watching the sunrise above the rooftops from our sixth-story room, walking in the rain at midnight, wishing an old peugeot would appear to whisk us away to the 1920s where we could meet our literary idols...

even as i write those little moments, i'm filled with a sense of wonder and appreciation. i can't believe we were able to walk hand in hand in such a magical city.
c'est belle.

a few snapshots of our dreamy parisian vacation...


  1. oh my heart. i'm pretty sure paris is what dreams are made of. these are beautiful!

  2. Spectacular images and beautiful words. I'm completely inspired by this post. I've been to Paris once before, and had the fortune of spending a week there staying with a local, who's also an Aunt. I hope to venture there again some day! :) I hope there are plenty more baguettes and moments sketching by the siene for you.