November 17, 2014

logo for candice lawrence photography!

what a lovely honor it is to collaborate with other artists to create something unique for them... and the best words i could ever hear from a client is: "it's so me!!" ...and to my delight, that was just the reaction  that candice lawrence had when she saw this one! i'm so happy that i could help get her vision + vibe down on paper, capturing a little bit of who she is to represent her brand.  

candee's work is absolutely gorgeous and i'm so thankful she wanted me along for the ride in this chapter of her life + business! you can browse through all of her beautiful photos here.

thanks so much candee! the best + blessings to you! :)



  1. so much love for this logo! the soft gray tones, the touch of greenery.
    it's absolutely gorgeous!

    1. thank you so much marcia!! i so appreciate your kind, encouraging words!! xo! :)