September 29, 2014

plant + plow video!

recently, i had the pleasure of creating a logo for one of my sweet friends in california, who is one of the warmest, kindest people i know...... megan has been working with video for awhile and God kept bringing people her way, so she decided to make it official and start a business! it's been so cool to see His faithfulness just in the last few months as i've been able to work with her and create a logo - it came so easily and naturally and i really feel like He placed the vision right in our laps!

so excited for this new chapter in her video journey, and can't wait to see all that God continues to do through this endeavor! honored to work with you megs! loved every minute. :)

check out plant + plow's inspiring blog and don't hesitate to contact her if you need a video! :)

happy monday!