September 16, 2014

plain *jungle* jane

i like simple things, and i tend to think of myself as a plain jane - my wardrobe is mostly neutral in color, my house is mostly neutral in color, i'll choose white anything over whatever the other option is, i don't accessorize a ton, maybe a hat here + bracelet there...

so i think the wild / colorful / adventurous side of me comes out in my illustrations and story writing... *enter jungle pattern on a thursday night*
i love this green thing!! i want to plaster it all over my walls! i'm still seriously considering painting giant murals in every room of the house, but i've resorted to keep this little tropical ditty on my phone... and you're welcome to use it on yours too!

hope you're all having a lovely summer's end!


  1. This is gorgeous!!! I am having the hardest time scanning my work to make it a digital format. I've resorted to doing everything with my Wacom tablet instead. Any tips? :) I'll definitely be using this as the background on my phone. All of your work is beautiful!

    1. thank you so much, chelcey!! this particular wallpaper is actually a photo i took with my iphone, which isn't something i normally do! i usually scan all my work at really high resolutions. hope this helps!! xo! ashley :)