January 3, 2014

paper + ink initiative

i don't know about you, but over the course of the last year i had to put limits on my phone use... i seriously checked that thing way too much. if i had a free moment, i'd check my phone, if i couldn't wake up in the morning, i'd check my phone, if i was in line at the grocery store, i'd check my phone. ugh!!! annoys me just thinking about it!!

my husband and i had a rule that whenever we were together we had to put our phones on the 'do not disturb' mode because it was just way too easy to look at what other people were doing and not engage with each other. i loved the rule because it became a good habit we formed and it's no longer a 'rule', it's just second nature to click the little moon icon and leave our phones elsewhere while we chat or eat lunch or take a drive. it's really helped me be present.

i also realized that i read two books the entire year. a whopping two books  [not including the bible] during the entire twelve months. and i know if i could see how many hours i had accumulated on my phone i would be so disappointed that i didn't trade some of that time for actual reading instead of liking/gazing/zoning on instagram/pinterest/facebook/youtube. seriously, what did i learn from all of that?! ok, maybe a little... i gained inspiration and some connections with people, but most of the time it was just a fleeting distraction, something to pass the time with.

i hate that i have to remind myself that time is not something for me to just "pass", it's valuable and it's not promised... so with this new year i want to use my time wisely and with good stewardship - i want to invest in things that matter and exercise my brain - reading more books, sketching and writing... being more hands on rather than just a spectator. so, i'm dubbing this my paper + ink initiative [or if you're on instagram, i'll be using the hashtag: #paperandinkclub - a simpler, less complicated name. :)] and i welcome you to join me! we don't have to read the same books at the same time or anything, just wanted to create a place for us to share what we're reading and things we're inspired by. it's open!

i just finished reading c.s. lewis: christian and storyteller by beatrice gormley... technically it's for younger readers but i really enjoyed it! it's been sitting on my bookshelf for ages [i think it even has a new title, ha!] and i finally cracked it open on the 1st; so good and so inspiring! the man had such an imagination and a quiet strength, never giving up!!

next up, coco chanel: an intimate life by lisa chaney... she has always intrigued me, but i've never read anything about her... i picked this book solely based on the cover [ironic, right?] and because i had an anthropologie gift card. :)

what are you currently reading?

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  1. Love this idea, Ashley! I've been thinking the same thing....on my phone waaaay too much - basically any time I get the least bit bored. I'm not being present, and I want that to change this year! Thank you for your encouraging words :-)

    I am currently reading 1000 Gifts (finally!) - will definitely join the #paperandinkclub!

    1. molly! thanks for the encouragement, i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one that struggles with this!! also, i've heard so many great things about that book... going to add that one to the list!! :)
      yay! xo

  2. Last night I finished reading Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler. I recommend it if you have any curiosity about the Amish. Cathe Laurie posted reading recommendations on her Facebook page on December 24. It sounds like a great list. Happy reading!


    1. oooo good to know!! thanks for the tip and the recommendation, kirstin!! i'll definitely check out her reading list... i so admire cathe and i'm sure she's got some great books up her sleeve!!
      happy reading to you too! :)

  3. hi Ashley! I have just found you and i really enjoy your sites ! ( IG, Blog and Pitnerest!)
    There is a great place to track your reading and keep in touch with other readers. It's Goodreads. Do you know it? Ithink it's very useful! Happy reading!