January 7, 2014

logo for lovely living!

you know those people who just feel like instant friends the minute you meet them? that's how i felt when i first started emailing with lauren ashley gilmore [and funny enough, we share 2/3 of the same name... mine is ashley lauren! ha!]... her heart and warmth were felt immediately.

needless to say, i had so much fun building a new brand for lovely living with her... she was a dream and honor to collaborate with, and i can't wait to see all the lovely goodies she creates, and i know you'll love her just as much as i do!! check out her lovely new site here.

thanks so much lauren for everything... you know how much i love you and your work!! i'm so happy to know you. :)



  1. ooooooo pretty! I love it!!!!

    AHH is it January yet…?? :)

  2. yay!! i'm so glad you love it!! can't wait for january!!! :) almost there! xo