December 1, 2012

december desktops + iphone wallpapers!

we wish you a merry christmas!! it's the most wonderful time of year!! may your days be merry + bright!! yes, singing christmas carols nonstop, so what better quote to use for december than that from a christmas carol? well, i should say from TWO christmas carols...

since it is the season for giving, we thought it would be extra fun to offer you 2 desktops + iphone wallpapers to choose from... or use both if you'd like, switch it up in the middle of the month!

one of my favorite childhood memories is bundling up with my family, hopping in the car after dinner one night every december, + driving around for hours, admiring all the christmas lights, choosing our favorites. when kelli + i decided to use lights as one of our december desktops, i couldn't wait to make it mine! it evokes all those magical, nostalgic memories that christmas brings. i absolutely love it!

for our second desktop, we wanted something completely different, but still create that same kind of magic. i didn't grow up on skis, nor have even tried it yet, but maybe some of you have a family tradition of heading up to a mountain, strapping on skis, + enjoying your christmas vacation in the snow... this desktop is for you, friends.

whichever one you choose now or later, i hope these stir up love + joy in your hearts as you work on that project or check the time on your phone.

merry christmas from the both of us to you + yours!!
so much love to you!

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