November 30, 2012

stumptown pdx

if you've never been to portland, you really must plan your next trip there! it was my second time there, + it was even prettier than i remember. there's something so whimsical + cozy + beautiful about that place... maybe it's the amazing coffee culture, or the pretty architecture, or the unmatched powell's book store... whatever it is, the place is magical + getting to see/hear/smell/experience stumptown coffee's headquarters just made it even better!

the company is inspiring + the people there are passionate about every aspect of coffee from the way it's picked + washed on the farm, to the perfectly timed carmel-like espresso shots... it's definitely a difference you can taste.

our friends, reed + kelli [who own red caboose], had planned a trip for some stumptown training + invited us to come along so that we'd be able to help train employees, etc. so the husband + i decided to add on a couple days to the trip + make it an anniversary getaway as well.

it felt like a pdx coffee tour, visiting our favorite stumptown in the ace hotel... hopping from one barista in downtown to another one in the pearl district... walking to heart roasters from a friend's house... admiring all the bamboo work in coava coffee... needless to say we were pretty energetic the entire time. :)

in between coffee breaks, we got lots of food recommendations from local friends + even stumbled upon some pretty amazing lunch spots - even one in a yoga studio! i felt like we were in an episode of portlandia.
[see my little list of recommendations below]

oh, and we did all this on a pretty tight budget! my biggest piece of advice if you're on a budget like me :: always try before booking at a pricey hotel... you'll be glad you saved the hundreds of dollars + feel like less of a tourist. :) we ended up finding a studio apartment in a cool old brick building in downtown pdx.

hope you all enjoy your weekend!! oh + don't forget to check tomorrow for the december desktop... it's going to be quite pretty. :)


[above photos taken by kelli trontel]

stumptown @ the ace hotel [order drink of choice, then find a spot in amazing ace lobby]
heart roasters [i hear it's the hipster place, but great coffee nonetheless]
barista [not roasters, make a great latte]
coava coffee [uniquely share a space with bamboo craftsmen, + make great americanos]

pok pok [yum. expect a wait.]
prasad [vegan]
boke bowl [perfect lunch on a chilly day]
mcmenamins kennedy school [such a novelty but really fun]

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