November 1, 2012

november desktop: choosing thankfulness

november. i love november. i welcome it with open arms today as i sip on a cinnamon-laden latte, thinking about all that i'm thankful for...

... an incredible husband that i'll be married to 6 years this month, a supportive family, loving friends, a cozy bed to crawl into every night, hot running water to shower in every morning, countless meals shared with loved ones....

the list goes on and on. sometimes i get so caught up in the busy, the stress, the irritation of everyday life that i forget to give thanks. thankfulness is a choice that i have to make daily [sometimes hourly] because i believe each new day brings something i can be thankful for, because i believe in God, who loves me and loves to bless me- every good and perfect gift comes from Him!

instead of a quote, kelli and i thought it would be cool to simply have a phrase that would help us make an intentional effort to give thanks for things we would maybe take for granted this month... and you can make it your quote every day...

kelli and i will be using instagram to show what we're thankful for every day this month, and we would love for you to join us - just post what you're thankful for each day and tag your photos with #ichoosethankfulness
...i'm excited to see and be encouraged by your photos!

i'm hoping that "choosing thankfulness" becomes a daily habit for me even after november is over. :)



  1. Wonderful! Have you read One Thousand Gifts?? I am starting a gratitude journal and surrounding myself with giving thanks to all the blessings each day! So, so profound I believe to do this! I'll be joining you in IG :)

    1. yay! no i haven't read that! i definitely want to check it out now!! :)

  2. I love this. It's such a good reminder to verbalized our thankfulness! Im excited to be a part of it on instagram! xo