October 1, 2012

rough sketch: tyler thorney

wow, it's monday + the first day of october! that means - a new desktop + a new artist to kick off the month! yay!

last week, i had the chance to meet up with today's artist for a little creative collab over coffee + was amazed by the work he shared with me. tyler is a graphic designer who also has a knack for hunting, building things, + baking... yeah, the guy is seriously multi-talented!

check out his awesome website, 110  1/3, + keep an eye out for his new blog... definitely bookmark worthy. :)

q. // when did you start designing + what prompted you to start?

[ a ] I started designing three years ago when i was 19 years old. My friend Devan is a great graphic artist and it inspired me to try it too. I realized that not only did I have a passion for graphic design, but also a talent.

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a ] Inspiration is a HUGE part of the design process. For me, it's something that can come from almost anywhere and anything. Most commonly I'm inspired by design blogs/websites and music. But I'm also heavily inspired by magazines and video games. I've enjoyed playing video games for the majority of my life and because of that I have a strong appreciation for their art and design. But then again, sometimes all I need to get inspired for a project is to get out of the office for a minute and drive to get a cup of coffee.

q. // when you're not creating an awesome design, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a ] I actually have a very diverse list of things I enjoy doing, which is pretty funny because some of them are so different from one another. Most of all, I love to just hang out with my wife, Becky. We watch a lot of movies together. I also play video games like I said previously. I love to cook and bake. I've gotten a hard time from other guys for liking to bake, but I always just say... "when I say the word 'Baker,' do you think of a man or a woman?" I always win that one. I love to hunt in the fall. That's probably the thing I do that differs the most from everything else. But once you've experienced the adrenaline of shooting your own food, it's hard not to get addicted.  I drink a lot of coffee. Autumn is my favorite season, so I love driving around and sipping coffee while looking at the changing leaves. I like camping and kayaking in summer.

fill in the blank:
I have a penchant for... tattoos, coffee, folk music, movies, video games, cooking, autumn, my wife.


happy inspiration!

check back in a little bit for the new desktop + iphone wallpaper!!


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