October 1, 2012

october desktop + iphone wallpaper!

i know i probably say this every month, but gosh the months are just flying by! it's funny - every month i get a little sad that i'll have to change out my wallpapers but once kelli + i begin brainstorming about the coming month's design, i can't wait to swap them out!

this one was especially fun - changing it up a little bit with the quote + calendar actually photographed instead of arranging it digitally, + officially bringing in autumn to the shot with a cute pumpkin i bought at the last farmers market of the year.

i think the quote is especially convicting to me right now. hard work can oftentimes go unnoticed by others + it's easy to get discouraged when there isn't visible fruit displayed for that work... but when you think about an actual garden - how tedious + time consuming tilling/planting/watering can be, + how long you have to wait to see that first little sprout... + then waiting some more for the actual harvest... it so easily applies to whatever endeavor we're investing our energy.

don't lose heart friends! you will see the harvest soon... just be patient + press on!
[psalm 27 is a good reminder... the last couple lines are epic!] :)

[just click on each image + save to your desktop!]



  1. Yay!! I've been patiently waiting... love this fall design Ash!! Using it now :)