June 1, 2012

june desktop + iphone wallpaper!!

yay! it's that time again...

one thing that i love most about summer is farmers markets... i love them!! i love walking around with the husband...chatting with different farmers about their freshly picked herbs + free roaming chickens. i love picking out little baskets of heirloom tomatoes + wrapping them up in brown paper bags. i love filling my canvas tote with multi-colored eggs, spinach, + anything else i have on my list.

for this month's desktop, kelli + i wanted to capture the essence of the beginning of summer... so it's not too shocking that we went with the farmers market theme. :) isn't fresh produce on burlap just lovely?!

just click on the photo, drag to your desktop, + it's all yours!

oh + we're also offering the desktop as an iphone wallpaper [below]!!

happy june to you!!

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