May 29, 2012

the wonderfully lovely sara lucero!

oh my goodness, i love this girl. sara is one of those people that you just feel like you've known forever upon meeting - in this case, upon email. :) she's super fun, stylish, hilarious, + an amazingly talented photographer - check out her work here!

i was absolutely giddy with excitement designing her logo + branding elements... i seriously could barely keep my mouth shut about her stuff!! + it makes me even giddier [is that word?] that she loves it!!

thanks sara for letting me be apart of your amazing-ness! :)

anyways, happy tuesday!!

1 comment:

  1. ASHLEY!!!!!
    Make a girl BLUSH why don't ya!!!! Goodness. I can't thank you enough for using your gifts on me. I love everything about it. I love so much about it. I LOVE A LOGO. Ha!
    xo & xo & xo & xo!