January 7, 2018

kicking off 2018

whew! 2018 flew right in, didn't it?! i feel like i'm still catching my breath from christmas! hope you all had a lovely holiday season - even if it went by a little too fast!

last year was a full one, as most years tend to be... but last year felt especially full with both of my sisters getting married [which means twice the showers and parties and celebrations! and not to mention, invites!] and my lifelong bestie also getting hitched, then throw in a month long bout of pneumonia for all three of us [makes me sad to even think of little indie with that terrible cough, ugh]... well, you can maybe understand why i really didn't post much, or take on many outside projects at all during those twelve months. i'm hopeful that i'll have a little more creative time this year, even if it's just during nap times and in the late hours after indie's bedtime [it's after midnight as i write this]. :)

one of the first things i've had the pleasure of working on this year, is a portrait for this adorable family! what an honor to capture a family right where they are in life - with a love between them, three beautiful girls, and perfect new baby to hold; just magical! so happy and thankful savannah entrusted me with this sweet project. :)

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