March 8, 2017

this one's for the girls

"the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree..."
psalm 92:12

flourish: to grow luxuriantly, to thrive.

when i think about trees, i think of these beautiful pieces of creation, peacefully standing there, sharing fruit and giving shade to anyone in need. they're majestic yet approachable. their voice is not audible yet they speak of rest, tranquility, strength, and the brilliance of their Creator. their leaves and colors and branches and trunks and blossoms and fruit are all so beautifully unique in their appearance and purpose. like all of creation, they flourish because of His faithfulness.
just like His daughters.

we've all been given gifts and talents and eye colors and body types and strengths and dreams. each woman being just as beautiful and just as valid as the next. we tend be so hard on ourselves [and others!], don't we? we carry guilt like it's ours to bear. we compare and nitpick our exteriors like it's just normal, second nature. we feel like we have something to prove as wives/moms/daughters/sisters/dreamers/artists/humans, but the truth is- we are enough, just as we are - marvelous trees who stand tall in peaceful confidence knowing we are growing just as He intends.

and like trees, we complement each other in our differences. what palm tree compares and competes with an olive tree? where the palm tree can't shade, the olive tree covers. where the olive tree can't reach to the sky, the palm tree points our eyes upward. we are just meant to BE. BE confident in our own skin, in our weaknesses and in our strengths. BE ourselves in His presence. BE who He's claimed us to be - His beloved daughters, His joint heirs.

He loves us as we are, as He's created us... because it's not about who we think we need to be, it's about who HE already is - always faithful, always loving, always forgiving, always perfect and patient.

and as our roots dig into this rich, unwavering Goodness, we experience the freedom to fan out our leaves, unfettered by comparison or expectations or perfection. flourishing, because of His faithfulness.

xo!! also, sharing a little lock screen love below.... pink palms for all the gals, because being feminine still means being fierce. happy international women's day!!

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