May 6, 2015

spring things!

spring has so wonderfully arrived a bit early here in montana and i couldn't be happier! the sun has been out and about with all it's golden glory, which has caused the lilac trees - along with the peonies - to come back to life... just about ready to burst into blooms! oh i can't wait! but i'm trying to savor these days because i know they'll be gone before i know it and i'll have cut every last bloom. c'est la vie.

this year has been quite different so far... of course, being pregnant brings its own newness and transition and excitement, but even aside from that, my work has mainly consisted of wedding invitations - something that has been completely unique since starting thorn + sparrow. it's been fun to switch gears for awhile, and i think it challenges me creatively which is always a good thing! 

along with wedding invitations, i've been working on illustrations for intentional home, a ministry founded by karen stott, the lovely lady behind pursuit31. i have to say, this project is something i look forward to every month. i love getting to paint pretty little things for these downloads, hoping they brighten the tasks and days of every subscriber. 

anyways! that's what i've been up to as i've been kinda quiet on the blog recently, hope you're all doing well and would love to hear what you've been up to this spring! 


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