March 26, 2015

baby rod!

i thought kids were a couple years down the road for us... but sometimes God just sends you a little surprise party in your belly and you can't believe how completely excited you are and can't figure out why you didn't want this sooner! God knows our hearts better than we do... and He knew we wanted kids even before we really did... His timing is perfect and we just couldn't be more thrilled for this gift.

it's mind-blowing to think that God already has a plan and purpose for this little life and somehow we get to be part of it! we're just praying for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and of course, a healthy baby... and would love your prayers if you think about it!

ash + nic + baby :)


  1. Congratulations, Ashley! I'm relatively new to your blog but I am SO excited for your growing family! Enjoy every moment since it all goes by so quickly (I can't believe that my little guy is going to be one in just a few weeks - where has the time gone?)! Take care of yourself and I wish you all the best! =D

    1. thank you so much kathleen!! i'm just trying to soak up this time because life just has a way of flying past you, so thank you for the reminder! it's a total gift and i want to enjoy every minute of it. :) xo!