December 6, 2014

yay 30!

29 was a good year.... a very difficult year, but a good year. and yeah, i got to galavant all over paris!! sometimes i equate goodness with easiness, as if something easy is automatically good because it doesn't hurt. this year has taught me that just because something hurts, doesn't mean it's bad. actually, most of the things that hurt me are good for me. 

pruning is necessary for fruit... and severe pruning is necessary for abundant fruit. that picture has been stirring in my heart for the last few weeks and i know God is sharing His heart with me. He doesn't just prune back the dead, unwanted stuff, He prunes back perfectly good, thick branches in order to see the best fruit come forth. does the fruit sprout up immediately? nope. when you prune something, it takes a few seasons before the new growth is even seen. He knows what He's doing and my hurt is only for good whether i see that now or not. i love that hope and promise all throughout His word!

29 was a year of a lot of pruning. A LOT. but i'm so thankful that He is actively pruning in order to bring good, acceptable fruit that will bring so much good and bring Him glory.

so i'm so happy and grateful to be getting older... and as year 30 is added to my heart, i want compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience to clothe me where those branches have been pruned. to bear with the people around me, to forgive like Christ has forgiven me... and let love wrap it all together in a perfect unifying bond. [colossians 3:12-14]

yay 30! you're gonna be a good one! la vie est belle! 



  1. I've been following along with your blog for the last few months and I think that we are likely polar opposites in terms of religious views and temperament/personality, but GIRL – this is so great. And inspiring. I can't wait to see what 30 has in store for you. I'm convinced you'll wear it well! *insert fist bump emoji here*

    1. ha! i'm so glad this encouraged/inspired you... even if we are polar opposites!! that's awesome! thank you for such fun, kind words!! *fist bump* *pink heart* :))