July 2, 2014

midweek pick-me-up: breather tonic

is there anyone out there that doesn't struggle with stress? i can't imagine too many people raising their hands right now... we all struggle with it to some degree, don't we? whether it's a pile of projects or financial stress, a messy house or screaming kids in the backseat, one way or another, i'm sure we've all had our bouts of stress, and with my recent season of anxiety + its repercussions, i've really been making practical efforts to de-stress throughout the day.... so! i wanted to share a super simple, inexpensive tonic that smells amazing, helps clear your head space + makes any desk look pretty. :)

what you'll need:
 - dried chamomile
 - dried peppermint
 - eucalyptus essential oil
 - peppermint essential oil
 - glass jar with lid [i used this one at target]

what you'll do:
mix equal parts of the chamomile + peppermint in your glass jar [the amounts are really up to your preference, but i used about an ounce of each], add about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and about 5 peppermint drops, stir.... et voila! it's ready! keep the lid on to maintain freshness.
i should also note that this is for external use only; though if you swapped out the essential oils for something that's intended to be ingested, you could make a lovely nighttime tea out of it!

inhale [through your nose, of course :)] whenever you start to feel stress throughout the day. sometimes it just takes a little refreshing, cooling aromatherapy to nudge your thoughts into whatever's true, lovely, noble, right, and praiseworthy. :)

happy wednesday!

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