January 23, 2014

to la lune logo!

it's so fun collaborating with fellow creatives, whether it's with photographers or culinary artists, or in this case, event planners + coordinators! i loved working with christy of to la lune, whose creativity and lovely eye for details are just inspiring! be sure to browse through all her lovely work here. :)

this logo was particularly fun because there were so many little elements that could be switched around and pieced together for different things - like the little moon phases were created in both a minty aqua and gold, as well as the 'to la lune' wording... both in minty aqua and gold!! love!

thanks so much christy for having me collaborate on your new brand! i'm so honored to have worked with you and hope to work with you again on other lovely projects. ;) so glad to know you. :)

ashley :)

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