December 21, 2013

the only constant thing

constant: adj.
1. not changing or varying; uniform; regular; invariable
2. without pause or letup; unceasing
3. regularly recurrent; continual; persistent
4. faithful; unswerving
5. steadfast; firm in mind or purpose

God loves you.

you've probably heard that a million times, right? you've seen it on bumper stickers, heard it from pastors, read it in the Bible. it's a phrase used over and over, almost becoming commonplace, when really it's anything but common.

in my darkest, most sinful moments, He loved me. in my moments of spiritual victory, He loved me. in my insecurities, in my failures, in my struggles, He loves me. in my few moments of selflessness and giving, He loves me. in my devo time with Him, He loves me. on those mornings i forget to give Him devotion time, He loves me. in spite of my ups and downs, He loves me the exact same way today as He did yesterday.
isn't that so freeing?! His love is not based on my performance, it's based on HIS. which is, obviously, perfect.

i love that. there's nothing i can do or have done or will do that changes or moves His love for me. His perfect love covers me, so i'm already accepted! i'm already His bride, His child, His friend, His follower. in my inconsistencies, in my wandering mind and wavering heart, HE is constant and unwavering. He is the constant Light, He's the unshakable rock.

He's not seeking perfection from me, because He's already perfect! unlike us, He doesn't have a void in His heart, rather, He is the very definition of complete. He's not looking for a perfect heart in us, He's looking for an open heart. all He seeks from us is a willing heart, a willing heart to be filled with His love and Spirit, to accept Jesus - the manifestation of His perfect, sacrificial love.

oh, i'm so thankful for christmas, for Christ, for God's persistent, constant love.

cheers friends! hope you're all having the loveliest christmas season!

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