December 17, 2013

beauty bash designs!!

oh my, to say that i was ecstatic to create these looks for beauty bash would be an understatement!! not only were they so lovely to work with, i love, absolutely love their vision and heart!! if you haven't heard of beauty bash before, they're a coalition of women dedicated to encouraging and building confidence in young women through Christ with messages, music, and beauty workshops. love it!!

thank you all at beauty bash for wanting me to play a small part in your amazing ministry! love you guys! 

check out all the details of beauty bash 2014 here

i know i've mentioned my logo process here and there, but i thought it would be fun to share a little peek of the branding board -- a few varied options within the concept that comes from brainstorming, after the questionnaire has been read [one of my favorite parts!]. also included are font suggestions and little extras that could potentially be incorporated into the site. i loved all of these, and funny enough, they did too! they took them all! :)

also... christmas is in one week. who's ready? not me! ha! lots of gifts to find and lots of wrapping to be done. i'll be having some late nights this week, with hot chocolate, christmas music... the works! i'm diving in head first, starting tonight!


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