November 7, 2013

embrace grace

several months ago, vanessa warren [of butterfly sparks and kelliandvanessa] asked if i would be interested in collaborating with her on this ministry's logo and branding... vanessa already had the pretty font in place so i created the watercolor elements to go along with it... and i've just recently been able to see it on the finished site.

i got lost in the site, reading testimonials, watching their info video, reading about who they are and how they started... i was choked up the entire time. it's an absolute honor to link arms with ministries like embrace grace, who truly exemplify grace to hurting girls, giving them hope in the midst of their guilt/shame/embarrassment/whatever they're feeling, loving them like Christ. oh my heart could just explode.

i have the video here, but be sure to check out their site for more info, encouragement, and ways to help.

thanks so much to vanessa for inviting me to collaborate on this... i'm so grateful for the opportunity and humbled by the experience!!


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