October 4, 2013

october desktop + wallpaper!!

fall is officially upon us, and i couldn't be happier to put on my scarves and sweaters, and sip countless chai lattes. i can't help but fall in love with it all over again. i love the imagery evoked from this quote... as autumn brings warmth in its colors, it also brings warmth inside our homes. not just from candles and fireplaces, but from gathering friends and family around a humble table, chatting over imperfect cookies and mismatching coffee cups.

it's not about having a big, beautiful space or the perfect place setting... it's the conversation, the connection, the community that is most vital to our lives, yet so easily neglected. this season, i want to be intentional about investing into those friendships i treasure... that i usually take for granted. it's a challenge that i know will be so rewarding.

for this month's desktop, kelli and i had the lovely opportunity to collaborate with one of my faves, vanessa warren of butterfly sparks, whom i also got to create a logo for! i always love her work and styling, and i know i'm going to have a tough time switching out this desktop next month.

happy fall to each of you... and may this month be a time of gathering in your home. :)

love you!

oh, and i wanted to mention, i got a little techy this month and created an iphone wallpaper for those of us that have updated our iphones to ios7, and of course, still made a wallpaper for those that didn't. hope you enjoy... and feel free to share! :)


any operating system before ios7:

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  1. I just discovered your blog through Kelli's and I love it! I am absolutely obsessed with your monthly downloads and think I'll start featuring them on my blog (with links of course!). You definitely have a new fan out in Great Falls!