August 20, 2013

wedding invites for aaron + shauna!

oh i how i dream of visiting the french countryside, in all its romantic glory... so i can't think of a project i'd love more than with that very inspiration! as soon as i read those words on shauna + aaron's questionnaire, my heart almost fluttered out of my chest... as i was listening to the midnight in paris soundtrack. see? francophile.

it wasn't just the inspiration that i loved, but the people even more so. i had the lovely opportunity of meeting shauna + aaron when they were just dating a couple of years ago. aaron is truly one of my favorite photographers, his work is stunning! so naturally, i was giddy when they contacted me. 

can't wait to see all the photos from their beautiful wedding [with all the lovely details by their star-studded team - jesi haack, jl designs, sweet and saucy, braedon flynn...] ....

a huge, heartfelt thank you to shauna + aaron for having me illustrate + design their wedding invitations... i loved every second of the process! so much love + happiness to you two!!


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