June 3, 2013

june desktop!

there's nothing that quite captures the essence of summer than eating gooey s'mores with a few of your closest friends around a roaring bonfire, so that's just what we did! kelli and i built a fire, newspaper and all, and laughed at how non-girlscouty we were.... thank goodness her husband reed was there to give us a few pointers!

we've been inspired by a recent series at our church, called breaking camp.... a series that took an in depth look at the brevity of life, what's to come for our immortal souls, and how to live our short lives with that eternal perspective. we're all destined for eternity, and it's not what we did for ourselves that's going to matter when we come face to face with our Maker... no, it'll be what we did with Jesus, and what we did in His name that's going to matter.

am i investing more in others than i am myself? most of time, probably not.

but i'm thankful that God gives us new mercies every morning, a clean slate to pour into Him, into others, and allow eternity to impact our daily lives. it's as easy as putting down our phones and being present for our husbands/kids/friends, or going a little out of our way for someone else, or stepping out of our comfort zone and encouraging a stranger....

this quote has resonated in my heart ever since we picked it out... it's sobering + powerful and the perfect reminder i need on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis... and i hope it's something that came at the perfect time for you too. :)

happy june friends! xo!

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