June 28, 2013

bearing fruit

awhile ago, i heard someone say "you don't see an apple tree toiling away to produce apples, do you? the same is true for our spiritual fruit... it'll come naturally." i totally get what they're saying, fruit is a by-product of us growing closer to Jesus, it's the Spirit working in us that produces fruit, but i think we so often resort to thinking we don't need to DO anything to bear fruit - that all we need to do is sit back and wait for the fruit to come in due season. while i do believe this is true to some extent... i think there's much we can do to grow.

Christ's love and Him working in us is the greatest paradox - it has nothing and everything to do with us. He died for us, to have a relationship with you + me, He made His love and salvation available, ready to access at any time.... but we have to decide what to do with that - am i allowing the Spirit to work in me daily? am i making room for Him in my thought life and in my heart? am i inviting Him to transform those thoughts and motives that no one else sees? because, if i'm not, then i have it all wrong. God looks at the heart.

have you ever noticed how weeds find the teeniest crack in the sidewalk and just spring up like it's no big deal?! they somehow find a way around + through the cement, growing where they're not wanted. it's nearly impossible to keep them out! my thoughts are the same way... i can think that i've patched up every hole, safeguarding against unwanted, sinful thoughts but they always find a sneaky way in, and they usually won't take a simple "no" to leave, they need to be battled out, pulled up from the roots, against their will.

in order for fruit to grow, i need to be actively pulling weeds and clearing the area to allow the Spirit to flourish in my soul. it's the stuff that no one sees. it's the prep work for good, healthy, organic fruit.

my thumb is the furthest thing from being green, but guess what? God specializes in sowing and reaping and knows exactly what i need when i need it. *sigh*

letting go, letting God work is so freeing.

happy friday friends! xo.

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