May 22, 2013

planting workshop

last week, kelli + i found ourselves on a spur-of-the-moment adventure to a planting workshop. we had containers we'd been meaning to fill, so it sounded like the perfect outing, especially in the rain!

neither one of us had heard about this nursery, so we were giddy when we arrived -  the place was adorable!! with iced lattes from the red caboose in hand [+ baby ezra in tow], we began to explore the aisles of pretty plants until the workshop began.

we were unofficially assigned to employees who taught us how to fill a pot, 'tickle' the roots, and press in the soil.

ok, i can't help but apply this to my spiritual life. with the may desktop adorning my computer screen, i've been constantly reminded that pruning is necessary for growth. most of the time, pruning hurts and far from a pleasant experience, but think about if it never happened... we'd be in the same spot we were ten years ago or even one year ago.

when i picked out my lovely little plant, i took it away from its home, roughed up the roots a bit, and put it in my own container, by itself, a foreign place. have you ever seen a plant fresh out of its container? its roots are compacted and molded to the shape of whatever container it lived in.
that's me! i thought. there are moments when i feel 'out of place' here in montana, when i just want the comforts and familiarities of california and my family nearby, when i feel like my roots are having a hard time acclimating to the new soil, but in those moments, God is so good to remind me that He's the one that's transplanted me and in the midst of my discomforts, in His hands i'll flourish.


[ all pretty photos taken by kelli trontel ]


  1. Ashley. SO what I needed to read. Joy

    1. so glad to hear that! i constantly need this reminder... so thankful that God is patient. :) xo