May 8, 2013

fashion illustration class

ok, this is so out of my comfort zone.... well, honestly anytime i put my work out there i feel somewhat uncomfortable! it's difficult to be vulnerable, but i guess this time is especially hard because it's my first stab at fashion illustration so i really didn't want to post these ha!! thank goodness i said i would share it, because that's the only accountability that's motivating me to show my class homework i did about a month ago... or has it been longer?! ah! time always has a way of escaping me! i digress....

i've been meaning to share these sooner, but i haven't had a chance to put glitter + embellishments on these yet!! so i guess that'll be another post... i continue to digress....

anyways, i wanted to encourage you to do something out of your comfort zone today or this week or month... taking paperfashion's class on skillshare was extremely valuable, enlightening, and fun!! it pushed me to do something new, it made me vulnerable to others' critiques, which in turn, helped me to let go of some fear and insecurities.

i had an amazing experience and i plan on doing more things like this in the future!! any other fun classes i ought to know about??

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